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Special Interest Groups

The Amherst Railway Society (ARS) is a hybrid railroad organization, and probably somewhat unique in that regard. Many railroad groups specialize in only one facet of the hobby – model railroading, or railroad photography, or rail-fan trips, for example.

ARS, on the other hand, provides opportunities to enjoy many different railroad and model railroad interests.

We do that through smaller Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within the Amherst Railway Society. We currently have three  SIGs, and are always willing to add more based on the interests of our members.

Current Special Interest Groups of the Amherst Railway Society:

Amherst Belt Lines – the Belt Lines is an HO-scale modular model railroad system.

Garden Railroad – this is Amherst’s newest SIG. The Garden Railroad SIG was formed to build an outdoor G-scale model railroad on our property in Palmer, Massachusetts.

Railroad Photography – the photography SIG is made up of talented photographers that are willing to share their work, and help others develop their skills.