Railroad Photography
a Special Interest Group of the Amherst Railway Society

Photography does more than capture a moment. It tells a story. It connects us to the past, to people, places, and feelings. Photography is an art form that inspires, interprets, and celebrates.

The Amherst Railway Society (ARS) is fortunate to have talented photographers that are willing to share their work, and help others develop their skills.

Amherst’s Photography Special Interest Group (SIG) is dedicated to taking railroad photographs – trains, depots, abandoned rail lines, model railroads – all things railroad. Our goal is to gather safely to take railroad photographs, learn from each other, and share our work.

We meet periodically, both online and in-person, to plan group photo outings, share technique, and enjoy each other’s company.

News & Events

Continuity & Change: The Lure of North American Railroads

A new book from the Center for Railroad Photography & Art

Railroads and photography came of age together in the nineteenth century and matured together in the twenty-first. Drawing on the traditions of both photojournalism and commercial photography, the book covers a wide range of topics including: railroads and nature, pathways of commerce, passenger railroading, heritage activities, workers, international connections, and continent-crossing networks.

The 384-page book includes 230 photographs and eleven essays, and makes a compelling case that the union of photography and railroads endures from generation to generation.

The book is $65, plus $9 shipping, and can be ordered here.

Photo SIG at East Deerfield

Saturday, July 9, 2022

The acquisition of Pan Am by CSX prompted the Amherst Photo SIG to pay a visit to East Deerfield yard, formerly part of the Pan Am Southern (PAS) route. The yard is currently under CSX control, but Berkshire & Eastern will take over at some future date.

Another beautiful day to shoot trains.

photo:  Matt Betzner

Local Railfan Locations

The Amherst Photo SIG is in the process of developing maps of local rail-fan sites.

Our goal is to provide information on photo sites that are safe, provide good vantage points, and do not infringe on railroad property.

As maps are completed they will be published on this site.

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This is a vibrant, growing group of railroad photographers – at all skill levels.