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Springfield Union Station Rail-Cam – up and running…

The Amherst Railway Society in partnership with Virtual Railfan and the Springfield Redevelopment Authority is sponsoring a 24/7 live stream of rail activity at Springfield Union Station.

The roof-mounted camera is a train window for Springfield, Massachusetts – Amtrak passenger trains, CTrail commuter trains, as well as Connecticut Southern and CSX freight movements.

The live stream can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWINReOteBw.

The Amherst Railway Society and Virtual Railfan also work together to live stream the society’s annual Railroad Hobby Show in January.


Our Growing Relationship With Springfield Union Station

The bond between the Amherst Railway Society and Springfield Union Station is strengthening.

A few years back, the Amherst Belt Lines set up a modular model railroad in the station’s main concourse to help celebrate the grand re-opening of the station.

During the holidays in 2020, the Amherst Railway Society constructed an operating O-scale train set that circled the station’s Christmas tree – at eye level.

Appreciating our efforts, the station has given us a currently empty 12’x12’ rental car space to use as we see fit – promote Amherst, promote model railroading, promote the Railroad Hobby Show, whatever we choose.

For starters, Amherst member Dwight Sturtevant has set up an operating N-scale layout in the booth space. As always, operating model railroads attract visitors.

Still to come – the Amherst Railway Society is sponsoring a station rail-cam. Installation and maintenance of the camera equipment is being handled by Virtual Railfan. Live feeds of trains in and out of the station will be broadcast on the Virtual Railfan website – virtualrailfan.com.

The Podunk Parade Comes to Palmer

Vintage steam cars visited the Amherst Railway Society on July 1 as part of the Steam Car Network’s week-long tour of Massachusetts.

Story and video: http://amherstrail.org/steam-cars/