Dry Hill Terminal Railroad Modular Branch Line

To accommodate modelers who would like to build model railroad modules, the Dry Hill Model Railroad Club plans to add a branch line to their sectional layout.

The branch line would be a single track, point to point operation serving a variety of industries. Transfer trains would bring cars to an interchange yard where branch line locals would be made up and sent out to switch businesses along the line.

The purpose of the branch line is to give operators an opportunity to run trains that do a lot of switching. So each branch line module must contain at least one customer that uses rail transportation. There will be no modules with just through tracks.

Track and wiring specifications are included in the download module documents below. Modules must be 2 feet wide, and either 4, 6 or even 8 feet long.

The modular branch line will use red and blue 12-gauge bus wires to differentiate the branch wiring from the Dry Hill sectional layout. Dry Hill will supply the main wiring harness for each module.

Downloadable drawings of the module specs for both straight and curved modules are listed below.

The Dry Hill modular branch line gives modelers an opportunity to exercise their individual creativity while still being part of the larger Dry Hill sectional layout.

For more information about the Dry Hill modular branch line, contact Joe Albano at: to arrange a time for a phone call.

module wiring diagram
module wiring diagram
module wiring diagram
module wiring diagram