Trains - the Power to Fascinate…

There is something about railroads and model railroads that intrigues us – all of us. Boys, girls, men, women, old, young – makes no difference.

That railroad magnetism was on full display Saturday, October 16 at the former New Haven railroad station in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. 700+ people showed up to celebrate “Railroad Days” – a joint project of the Amherst Railway Society and station owner, Steve Graham.

Steve and his wife Jean remodeled the iconic station in 2020 and turned it into an ice cream shop. 

To celebrate the station renovation, Amherst brought in a trackless train, a 7 ¼ gauge caboose with full interior, and an operating N-scale model railroad.

It was simply a WOW-event. People came early and stayed late.

The trackless train made 40 trips with 30 passengers on each trip. That’s 1200 riders! Many rode more than once – and they weren’t all kids.

Dwight Sturtevant answered question after question about the N-scale layout, and model railroading in general.

Visitors were intrigued with the finely detailed interior of the miniature caboose.

Steve has named the ice cream shop Graham Central Station. Located on the Redstone Rail Trail, the station is in a perfect spot to commemorate the railroad history of East Longmeadow.

And, that’s what Steve plans to do.