B&M Caboose 455 Needs Some TLC

Audrey Miller owns a caboose – B&M 455 to be exact, and she wants to restore it. So, here is an opportunity for the Amherst Railway Society to play a key role in bringing an important piece of history back to life.

The first step will be to assess the condition of the caboose and put together a restoration plan and budget. If you’ve ever had the urge to be part of a railroad restoration/preservation project, here’s your chance.

The caboose is currently stored in Pittsford, Vermont, just north of Rutland. 

The caboose was built in 1921 by the Laconia Car Company in Laconia, New Hampshire, one of 50 ordered by the Boston & Maine Railroad that year. In 1959, 38 of the cabooses were sold to the International Car Company in Kenton, Ohio. International replaced the original wood car bodies with steel car bodies, but kept the original steel frame. The 38 rebuilt cabooses were leased back to the B&M and numbered C101 to C138. In 1981, the B&M renumbered the cabooses 451 to 488.

“I’ve always loved trains,” says Audrey. “But, I was a girl, so nobody was buying me a train set. When I turned 21 (a while ago), I bought my own. Then, in 1994, my husband introduced me to 455 and it’s been ours ever since. Now, I want to restore it, bring it back to life. But, I need help.”

If you would like to help Audrey with the 455 Project, you can contact her at: audrey@cottageconnection.com or  207-380-9705.

Audrey and her husband with B&M 455 in 1994