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2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the Dry Hill Model Railroad Club. To commemorate the milestone, the club introduced a new logo on many Dry Hill engines and cars at the 2019 Railroad Hobby Show.

Starting in 1994 with four members and one module, Dakota Falls, the Dry Hill Terminal Railway has grown into a big-time model railroad. Many industries have been added, including a Coca-Cola bottling plant that took a year to construct, as well as a hump yard, passenger terminal, and 22-track, 56-foot staging yard which all add to the realistic operation of the railroad.

Each year at the Railroad Hobby Show, Dry Hill regularly runs 100-car freight trains, Amtrak passenger trains, and excursion trains operated by Southern Pacific, Providence & Worcester, and Conway Scenic railroads. At the 2019 show, we ran a replica of the Ringling Brothers circus train for the first time.

“Celebrating our 25th year at the Railroad Hobby Show was pretty special. And, I want to thank the members, volunteers, and guests who assisted in setting up, operating, and dismantling the Dry Hill layout. The Railroad Hobby Show is a spectacular event, but it only happens because of the time and effort that a lot of people donate. Thank you."

Joe Albano, President
Dry Hill Model Railroad Club


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Due to the COVID pandemic, no in-person meetings have been scheduled for the Amherst Railway Society. Additional information on upcoming events will be distributed through the ARS website, Facebook, and e-mail.


Dry Hill 25th Anniversary Decal Sets
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What's On The Rails?
the Dry Hill Model Railroad Club!

Produced and Directed by Art Burack
Burack Cinematic Ltd.

Dry Hill Adds a Modular Branch Line

To accommodate modelers who would like to build model railroad modules, the Dry Hill Model Railroad Club plans to add a branch line to their sectional layout.



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Photo Albums

Dry Hill at Railroad Hobby Show - 2012
Dry Hill at Railroad Hobby Show - 2013

YouTube video

2017 Railroad Hobby Show - Amtrak station
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - highway bridge

2017 Railroad Hobby Show - UP freight
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - loop track
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - loop track - 2
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - 243 car train
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - Amtrak Train
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - BNSF freight
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - Dakota Falls
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - Budweiser Plant
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - Coca-Cola Plant
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - ghost train tunnel
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - West Farm Road
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - power station
2017 Railroad Hobby Show - Club Highway
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