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Amherst Railway Society - Model Railroads

There is something magical about an operating model railroad. It captures our imagination and fills us with joy. Young, old, boys, girls, parents, grandparents - makes no difference. The horns, bells, and clickety-clack of wheels all create that same sense of wonderment for everyone.

Two model railroad clubs operate within the Amherst Railway Society - the Amherst Belt Lines and the Dry Hill Model Railroad Club.

The Amherst Belt Lines is a modular layout, while the Dry Hill Model Railroad Club operates a sectional layout. The difference is that a sectional layout has a common theme that holds it together – scenery, era, purpose – and gives it the look of a completed layout. A sectional layout almost always goes together the same way all the time, with exceptions only for pieces that are missing or added during the life of the layout. 

A modular layout can have a common theme, but relies solely on a standard interface between different modules for assembly. This means that a modular layout can be assembled in any sequence to present a new layout at different shows – the Amherst Belt Lines has rarely, if ever, assembled a layout the same way twice. It also means that if a piece is missing or added, there is little planning required to make the piece fit with other modules. 

Our two clubs give members an opportunity to learn how to build and operate model railroads, promote model railroading to the public, and strengthen community within our organization.

Amherst Railway Society members are eligible to participate in one or both of our model railroad clubs.

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