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Amherst Belt Lines - Shows

The Amherst Belt Lines has no permanent model setup. Rather, the club participates in five or six railroad shows each year, in addition to the Amherst Railway Society’s annual Railroad Hobby Show. 

At each show, we configure a modular model layout based on the floor space we are given.

Our show participation supports the activities of the sponsoring organization, usually another model railroad club or historical society, and gives us a chance to promote the enjoyment of model railroading to the attendees of the show.

On a show weekend, we generally set up the layout the day before the show - connect and level all the modules and make sure everything is operating correctly.

On the day of the show, we operate the layout like a real railroad with a classification yard, both local and through freights, and passenger trains. Most trains are operated by Belt Lines members, but we do have guest operators as well.

Belt Lines members often run their own locomotives and rolling stock on the layout.


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