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About Amherst Belt Lines

The Amherst Belt Lines is a modular model railroad - a set of independent, but standardized, portable sections that can be assembled in a variety of ways to form a fully operating model railroad.

While some Belt Lines modules are club-owned, the majority are built and owned by our members.

The club sets electrical specifications and track standards where modules meet. Beyond that, module owners are free to exercise their own modeling interests and creativity. There are no requirements for modeling era or scenery.

Middletown - James Mayo


The Amherst Belt Lines has no permanent model setup. Rather, the club participates in five or six railroad shows each year, in addition to the Amherst Railway Society’s annual Railroad Hobby Show. 

At each show, we configure a modular model layout based on the floor space we are given. 

Our show participation supports the activities of the sponsoring organization, and gives us a chance to promote the enjoyment of model railroading.

Magoos Farm - Jeanne Kleinknecht


If you have an interest in model railroading and would like to learn more, Belt Lines members have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are very willing to share.

If you have children that are interested in model trains, the Belt Lines is a wonderful place for them to learn. We welcome and encourage young model railroaders.

Finally, this is simply a fun group to be part of. We work hard, but we laugh a lot, too. After all, model railroading is fun!

Smokey Mountain - John Flanders

Amherst Belt Lines coordinators:

Robbie Cabrera Jim Fenner Clark Huber

e-mail Belt Lines coordinators at:

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